The Australian Cricket Bat Willow Project
The combination of these factors has resulted in a window of opportunity for a new supplier of salix alba var. caerulea  timber to gain a substantial share of the cleft supply market. Currently, around 350,000 superior willow cricket bats are sold throughout the world each year. It is estimated that a new source of supply of  salix alba var. caerulea  could increase the current market in the sub-continent alone by 250,000 bats annually.

We have unearthed (mainly in India), significant genuine interest in the supply of Cricket Bat Clefts. This is very encouraging.  It supports our assessment of the future market potential of our product, both here in Australia and overseas.

The rapid growth of cricket is equally important in terms of an increased market. Worldwide demand for cricket bats is increasing dramatically as the game expands globally under the direction of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Cricket is now played in 10 Test countries, 32 Associate countries and 55 Affiliate countries. The game has taken on new variations to assist with globalisation, such as 20/20. The ICC recently entrusted the Australian Cricket Board with the task of developing the game further in Asia.