The Australian Cricket Bat Willow Project
The Australian Taxation Office ("ATO") issued Product Ruling 2006/137 in relation to the taxation treatment of payments made by Growers participating in Stage 5 of the Project.  

Click here for ATO link to Product Ruling 2006/137.

Growers may claim a tax deduction for their Initial Fees after their application is accepted.

Growers may also claim a tax deduction for their annual fees for management and for the land, water and irrigation rental.

Any interest on funds borrowed to invest in the project is tax deductible.

Any insurance or interest costs are also tax deductible.

Returns from the sale of clefts will constitute assessable income in the hands of the Growers.

Tax Deductibility of Investment
Minimum Investment :  $5,500  Additional Amounts :  $5,500

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