The Australian Cricket Bat Willow Project
Initial Fees

The Initial Fees are $5,500 for each Plantation Allotment of 150 m² (20 Trees)

Annual Management Fee and Annual Rental

After the first year Growers will be required to pay an annual management fee of $200 and annual rental of $50 per 150m², Indexed each year plus GST.

Finance Can Be Arranged

Subject to a confidential interview, our Advisers will be able to direct you to the Funding source that best suits your needs and circumstances.

Generally, the terms of repayment would be (subject to size of loan)

Up to a sixty (60) month term for repayment of capital
Equal monthly repayments of principal and interest
A reducible maximum interest rate of 12% (1% per month)
Interest would be calculated on a daily basis
Right to repay the capital without penalty

An application fee of $250 or 0.5% of the borrowed sum eg A $100,000 loan would attract a $500 application fee
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