The Australian Cricket Bat Willow Project
>>  What is the Australian Cricket Bat Willow Project?
Australian Cricket Bat Willow Plantation Management Services Limited (the Project Manager) will be the catalyst for the resurgence of a viable and wholly Australian cricket bat manufacturing and export industry through the commercial planting of cricket bat willow trees
The opportunity for Australia to re-establish itself in the world cricket bat market through the growing of cricket bat willow trees has never been greater. We invite you to participate in the rebirth of the Australian Cricket Bat Willow Industry and in an outstanding investment opportunity. As a grower, you will lease land on which plantations of salix alba var. Caerulea willow trees will be established.
At maturity, the trees will be harvested, processed into clefts and sold to cricket bat manufacturers on your behalf.  The net proceeds (after all costs) from the sale of the clefts will then be distributed to Growers. In the foreseeable future there is going to be a world-wide shortage for quality willow clefts. Long term, this continuing shortage will ensure that growers receive maximum returns for their investment.