The Australian Cricket Bat Willow Project
That sickly cutting flourished in its new home and lived to become the progenitor of the cricket bat willow industry in Australia, including approximately 5,000 trees that were grown on the estate of R.M.Crockett & Sons, Shepherd's Flat. The Crockett Cricket Bat Company manufactured bats from the Willow and became the major supplier of bats in Australia and soon developed an export market. The Crockett brand gained worldwide recognition as leading Test cricketers demanded the bats.

In 1956, the Crockett Cricket Bat Company was sold to Slazenger (UK) primarily for its distribution outlets. The plantation was regarded by its new owners as a "non-core" asset and discontinued after the mature trees were felled. Since then relatively few cricket bats have been made from Australian grown willow and the local industry has diminished to the point of non-existence.

However through the resolve of Aqualino Tinetti, a personal friend and neighbour of the Crockett family, a small number of the trees from the original plantation were saved.

The Tinetti family, now fifth generation, still maintain a passionate link with the past through their own cricket ground and museum at Shepherd's Flat. This is the home of the original Australian Cricket Bat Willow. The remaining trees have been diligently maintained for the purpose of subsequent propagation. These trees have provided the foundation for the establishment of the exciting Cricket Willow Industry.

Now is the time to re-establish the Australia's Cricket Bat Willow Industry and make Australia not only number one in world cricket, but also number one as a supplier of quality cricket bat willow.