The Australian Cricket Bat Willow Project
The Cricket Bat Willow rootstock has been propagated from the original and proven plantation stock from Daylesford, Victoria - the stock used in the highly regarded Crockett Cricket Bats of the 1940's and 1950's.

South-East Australia, where the salix alba var. caerulea  plantations will be situated, has more favourable growing conditions for the willow than the United Kingdom. The Australian climate is very advantageous, with 8 more growing weeks in spring and summer and temperatures that are on average 5 degrees Celsius higher. Those favourable conditions, combined with high quality irrigation systems will allow for more willow trees to be grown per hectare in Australian plantations.

The Product Disclosure Statement - 2007 (PDS-2007) plantings will be of the same rootstock from the same nursery and planted in similar soil types to the Wood Wood plantation site. Irrigation systems will also be a major factor in successful growth of trees.

Forestry Contractor
Murray Valley Nurseries Pty Ltd is the Forestry Contractor engaged to conduct day to day forestry operations. Murray Valley Nurseries is the largest citrus nursery in Australia, supplying all states. The nursery has propagated cricket willow trees for many years for small plantations with great success.